Daphné Keraudren is a French-Greek architect, trained in Switzerland, Paris and Amsterdam. She is currently based in Brussels and collaborates with AteliersJ&J. She works as a freelance-architect for private clients and as a designer of metal hung seating structures.



master’s project in architecture at EPFL, in collaboration with Sami Farra, on the theme of urban ruins in Patras, Greece
The project aims, through occasional vernacular constructions, to restructure the coastline of the city of Patras, and to give it a new identity. By revitalizing the abandoned train line, a new way of seeing the city is proposed, moving from the sea to the city, and from the city to the sea. The contemporary concrete ruin, both finished and unfinished, is an interior and exterior space used as the threshold between land and sea.

More info on this project here.